Unlike many Christian organisations today, we Christadelphians accept the Bible as our only source of doctrine concerning God and His Son, Jesus Christ—church tradition or belief plays no part. This principle results in a distinctive and unique belief that is not weakened by inconsistency and lack of logical approach. The doctrinal beliefs of Christadelphians are based on both the Old Testament and New Testament sections of the Bible, which we believe are the inspired written word of God.

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Who we are

Throughout the ages there have been groups of people who have tirelessly tried to keep the light of God's Bible message shining. In centuries gone by believers were burned at the stake, drowned, or executed by those in authority who disputed their beliefs.

In more recent times, in 1805, a man called John Thomas was born in London, England. He led an unsettled life, at times preaching to congregations in the British Isles, then for a number of years he studied and obtained a doctorate in medicine. In 1832 he emigrated to the USA, and as a result of a very rough voyage and the real possibility of death, he felt compelled, when he reached land, to satisfy himself on the truth of what lay beyond death. He joined the Campbellite Church of Christ, but following some years of increasing dissent from their beliefs, he began his own magazines, the last one being “The Herald of the Kingdom and the Age to Come”, promoting what he firmly believed the Scriptures of the Bible taught. Gradually a group of people was formed who saw relevance in what he believed. John Thomas wrote a number of books that are still considered to be of great value in helping to understand the Bible. One popular title was Elpis Israel ["The Hope of Israel"].


What we believe

We, the Christadelphians (Brethren of Christ*), are a group of people associated by a common belief in the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ. This association is by the believer's submission to baptism (immersion) into Christ for the remission of sins and for a part in his resurrection, to Life Everlasting.

We accept the Bible as being the Word of God. It is the only source from which God and His purpose for mankind and the earth can be learnt.

  • Derived from the two Greek words Christos Adelphoi and referring to those people sanctified by Christ's atoning work.